Leaders In The Auction Field

Leaders In The Auction Field


Huisman Auctions, Inc. specializes in professional appraisals in addition to our exceptional auction liquidation services. By combining our auction liquidation and appraisal services, we are able to serve our clients in the best ways possible.


Huisman Auctions’ appraisals are typically based on Auction Liquidation Value, which, in reality, is considered a true fair market value; not to be confused with “fire sale” liquidation. We will also often do a Value in Place appraisal for many of our clients, when it is requested. We regularly monitor our own auctions as well as many auctions around the country, which gives our appraisers the most up to date knowledge of values. Thus, our appraisals are timely, accurate and most importantly, supportable.


Our professional appraisals are based on these crucial elements:

  • A Complete and up to date database of recent auctions, both our own and others around the country. This helps us stay abreast of current market trends for the most up to the minute information on values.
  • Intimate knowledge of the marketplace, the realities of the buy-sell equation and the probability that the assets can be converted into a specific value amount. This is all based on the vase experience of our more than qualified appraisers.
  • Respect for the professional appraisal function as a specific science, not a supposition. We realize that accuracy is vital and that is portrayed in every appraisal we perform.

Our professional appraisals at Huisman Auctions, Inc. serve all manner of business and financial needs. We perform concerning mergers, acquisitions, asset-based financing, insurance, financing and current value accounting and inventory.


We specialize in many different fields including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Business Valuations
  • Commercial Equipment & Vehicles
  • Construction Equipment
  • Personal Property